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New OC Night Light Textures


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Hello Orbx Team,


Is it possible you can tell me how to use the old night lights rather then the new night lights in OpenLC. I'm choosing to deselect in all regions the New Night Lights option as I prefer the old night color of highway compared to the new night color (yellow vs red). However when I fly out of the region area OC appears to be using the new lights. Could we have an option to deselect the New Night Lights globally please or tell me how to replace the new with the old road textures.


My reasoning is, I use VR and have increased the saturation levels as textures appeared a little washed out but unfortunately the night highways are too red. Otherwise all is great in P3Dv5HF2.


thank you 

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Does anybody know which Orbx product added the new highway road lights. I prefer the old road lighting when using VR so I would like to uninstall the new night lighting.


Im assuming it’s only the USA regions that still allow old night lighting roads. All others like Australia V2 are now using the new road textures.


Better still if someone knows where Orbx hides the new road texture file that’s being used that would be helpful too and I can just use the old ones.

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