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Hello! I happen to really enjoy making flights in difficult and challenging approaches and airports... but after installing global vector, i've been having a serious problem with scenery consistency. Runways appear over water, for instance, or in a few cases, water appears elevated above the airport level, just sticking out as if it's a hill or something. Below is an image example at the airport PASK in Alaska


I've tried already replacing the terrain.cfg with a fresh default. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling vector, and I've tried setting the PASK.bgl file to PASK.bgl.inactive. None of those have done anything to change the situation, except for the last one which buried the entire airport below the terrain, making it even worse. This isn't the only airport that this is happening at since i installed vector, but it's one that i dealt with the most recently. I need help, and the other solutions available on the forums haven't worked for me at all!





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