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Scenery Order Breaking Sim

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Operating system:  Windows 10 Pro 2004 Build 19041.264

Simulator:  P3D V4.5.14.34698



Hi, not sure if this is a bug or a me being stupid. A few flights ago I was noticing several black night squares on the ground during the day. After some Googling and forum searching, I tried verifying all the installed Orbx products which was the only advice I could find. Having completed this and a few other unrelated things with my setup, the next time I tried to load the sim it would briefly show the scenario screen without fully loading, then CTD.


After a lot of playing about, including in Orbx Central, I managed to get the sim operational again. Some of the things I tried include verifying all my Orbx products, re-syncing Orbx and the sim, and resetting the scenery insertion points. Among other things I tried using the "Delete Generated Files" function of P3D. Eventually I got the sim operational again without losing any files or settings. At the time I didn't know how I'd caused the issue or fixed it.


The same issue just happened again today, however this time I had a backup ready to go. After some playing around, I managed to recreate the problem. It appears that when I verify just Global Base, it creates 4 scenery items at the top of the scenery list. These or one of these items appears to cause the CTD, though just deleting them from the scenery list also seems to cause the issue to continue. In order to rectify the issue, I have to verify all my Orbx addons starting with Base, then Vector, regions, cities, airports and other. I then re-sync Orbx, and reset the insertion points. It seems that one of the steps after verifying Global Base is deleting the 4 scenery items and correcting the scenery list allowing the sim to load correctly.


I've included the central log, a backup from Lorby-SI Addon Manager of my sim working, and a backup of after I verify Global Base on it's own in Central. As I said, this could just be me doing somthing silly, but thought I'd post here incase this behaviour shouldn't be happening.


Alexander Aschacher



central.log After verification - Broken.zip Before verification - Working.zip

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