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Loss Of Large Download

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Hi Orbx,


So I've been downloading P3DV5 TEGB South (ive been downloading it for days), I reached to about 30ish GB out of the 41.22GB, I restarted my PC due to internet speeds etc. re-launched Central and its starting all over again.


My question is, why has it started from the beginning all over again, and where has the 30ish GB gone which I've downloaded already? surly it cant all be lost?


I looked at the log which I've attached below, but i see nothing on the issue. please don't tell me I have to download all this for days on end again.


Kind regards,




Operating system:  windows 10

Simulator:  P3D v5


Issue:  Loss of Large download when PC restarted



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It appears for some reason Central doesn't try to detect the files you already have installed.


Can you try the following:

  1. Close Orbx Central entirely
  2. Delete %Temp%\Orbx\job-cache.json
  3. Open Orbx Central
  4. Press install on TE GB South again

This will remove the current install but keep all the files you've downloaded. It'll then scan the existing files again and it should only download the files that are missing.

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I deleted that file but it’s only detecting the download of TEGB South (the 2nd attempt which is currently at 17gb of download) so it’s still not recognising the 34gb already installed

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