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Never ending verification process

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Operating system:  Windows 10 Home

Simulator:  Prepar3d V5

Screenshot:  N/A


I recently went into Orbx to verify some products as there were a few issues with textures and I wanted to rule Orbx out.


Turns out that Orbx seems to record over itself with various products, and now I'm not sure what order to verify things in so that it ends up with the right files



  • I verify Orbx Base and it had an additional 500MB ish of files to download
  • Then I went back to Orbx base, just to double check and it was still fine. No missing files
  • Then verified the Library, about 130MB of missing files
  • Finally I verify the Orbx base again, as a final check, as I had a hunch and 250MB of missing files again.


And this is when I realised, Orbx Library and Orbx base seem to somehow record over each other? When you verify one, the other then ends up with missing  files. You can go round in circles with them, one will always be missing files when you stop.


I've tried verifying EU England to see if that had an effect on base, but it didn't.


I don't know if this problem exists between other products as well.








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