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BUG REPORT - Northern California bugs

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I bought the HD product - Northern and Southern Cali for XP11 Vulcan


I tried to test fly it and check - overall - I can say - not impressed! 


1. See the image attached (looks like a ortho tile showing an mark of an aircraft) - first bad/wrong thing I found as soon as I loaded up my aircraft at KSFO runway - surely we expect more than this for a paid Orbx, HD product!

2. Overall HD crispness was non existent - more of a SD quality (I really wonder what SD would be like!) - mountains/cliffs, autogen misplaced at times - blurred and not at all in HD - not real as it should be - now this is just by looking at SF city! wonder if would dig more!


Please let me know asap.




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X Plane Vulkan is in BETA and there are issues with the graphics texture management in both Vulkan and OGL in 11.50.  If you want to see the quality use 11.41.  I have noticed a degrade in the quality of the textures when I switch to the 11.50 BETA compared to 11.41.  

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