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Layering of all items in P3DV4 and V5

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Operating system:  Win 10 Pro

Simulator:  LM Prepar3d

Screenshot:  Layering tool

Issue:  re-layering


We use our own tool to administer layers within P3D. I have noticed that whenever a change is made with Orbx Central, the layer numbers may change in a certain way. While the sequence of all items is not changed, the layer numbers are. The new layer numbering is no more consistent in a row. It shows omissions in the sequential numbering. In this specific example I just verified the files of an installed product. The re-numbering took place just in the last few entries, however with the marked omissions.

In the example shown it is about two numbersin a small install. In a larger install this figure counts up to over 20-30 omissions. Is there a specific reason for that? We haven't found anything at LM's description of the package system that would prevent a consistent sequential numbering.





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