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Transfer to Orbx from OldProp - Chaseplane

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Im trying to transfer my ChasePlane license from OldProp to Orbx.


(I've tried this using IE, FFOX and Chrome)


I login to OldProp - click on the big green transfer to Orbx prompt.


Login to Orbx when prompted - acknowledge the transfter 1 license.


When I get the Orbx splash summary page it displays "0 OldProp products were added to your account"


Whats the resolution ?


thanks - Julian


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Hi Julian,


This generally means the license has already been transferred or isn't valid.


We're unable to manually check which licenses you have on your OldProp account. If you contact Parallel 42 support, they'll be able to retrieve your license key and pass it onto us to be checked out. https://parallel42.freshdesk.com/support/home

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