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Mr Dale Jenking

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Hi I am having a problem with Orbx central 8 hours and True Earth Washington  failed download and i got  to sync with xplane 11 10 times now ! and before you say anything else tried deleting the temp folder ,the cache  reinstalling Orbx 7 times , I have  got all the redistribute microsoft visual  packages etc   this is getting a joke a had less problems when it was ftx central when I had used fsx , its 2020 this ***** shouldn't be happening I have  been a good customer for many years with you guys and  so have others  .




Operating system:  






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The log file suggests that a key component of Orbx Central is missing.



2020-05-10T13:44:18.493Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Using Saturn binary from C:\Users\dale\AppData\Local\Programs\Orbx-central\saturn-win\OrbxCentralWorker.exe
2020-05-10T13:44:18.494Z [ERROR] [Central::IpcService] - [Saturn] spawn C:\Users\dale\AppData\Local\Programs\Orbx-central\saturn-win\OrbxCentralWorker.exe ENOENT
2020-05-10T13:44:18.494Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - The Orbx Central worker process failed to start as it can't find the binary. You may need to reinstall Orbx Central http://Orbx.to/central


Can you please try the following:

  1. Uninstall Orbx Central entirely via 'Add or remove programs'
  2. Download Orbx Central again from https://Orbx.to/central
  3. Install Orbx Central

If the issue persists:

  • In your C:\Users\dale\AppData\Local\Programs\Orbx-central\saturn-win\ folder, does an OrbxCentralWorker.exe exist?
  • If so, can you double click on it? Does a black box pop up? If so, please take a screenshot.
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