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Immersion Install/uninstall issues

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I ran into Immersion manager not updating so I uninstalled it. Everything was fine until I tried to reinstall it and it would stay stuck like around 70 - 80% for hours and a day! I tried to cancel the install, but the cancelling took hours and a day as well. I uninstalled Orbx central completely and deleted the root folders to no avail.. I still open Orbx Central shoing the the download is still in progress (stucked) and when I try to cancel it, it does the same thing (stays stuck on uninstalling).




Operating system:  immm.thumb.jpg.10f704fc6241a461f9db2852c02c228e.jpg138012191_imm.thumb.jpg.08754d04325f1a7de394de5eafa1c268.jpgcentral.log





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