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Good morning,


I am an happy Orbx user.

 Great job.


Then the issue:

Here are some pictures of KPSP (default Orbx California)

I cannot set the correct elevation: after many attemps I tried also to uninstall VECTORS and reinstall. 

THe following pictures show:

- KPSP, GATE 1 with vectors uninstalled (the folders are empty)

- KPSP, GATE 1, with VECTORS reinstalled and AEC automatic tool run and apply  (check the folders)

- KPSP, GATE 1, with VECTORS reinstalled and KPSP moved in the other column mamnually (check the folders)








You can also notice the jetways in the air...at 145m that are about 480 ft that is the KPSP correct elevation (like the surrounding ground)


May you help me?


Thank you,





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Stefan, if nothing else helps, you can test this.


Go ahead:
NA Southern California\Orbx\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_SCA05_SCENERY\scenery


Search all three files of KPSP:


Rename the files from .bgl to .off
Test the scenery.


If that doesn't help either, you can rename the three files back to .bgl.



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