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Problems with Insertion Point

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Operating system: WIN 10 

Simulator:  P3Dv5

Screenshot:  599045667_EKCHGateC37.thumb.JPG.c7ef0d103c2c2cdee905296d68f62a7a.JPG



Hi Orbx-Community,

I have problems with the Insertion Point with Orbx-Central. I never had any problems before in FTX-Central and p3Dv4

FlyTampa-Copenhagen (No. 20) is my lowest third-party airport and I choose this as the lowest Insertion Point in Orbx-Central. The result is (see log-file):

Number 1 to 4 are third-party airports

Number 5 to 10 are Orbx products

Number 11 to 13 third-party airports

Number 14-19 Scenery \ Cities

Number 20 FlyTampa-Copenhagen

Number 21 to 72 Orbx products.

The problem is: Orbx Number 5 down to 10 do not change down.
In Copenhagen, standard buildings overlay FlyTampa's AddOn Airport (example is EKCH Gate C37).

How do I get Orbx Number 5 to 10 further down?

FlyTampa-Copenhagen (and Nuremberg from Flightbeam) is installed in the P3Dv5 main directory.
Some others are installed on the same hard drive outside of the P3Dv5 main directory under P3D5 AddOns.
All Orbx products are also installed on the same hard drive outside the main P3Dv5 directory in my 0 Orbx Central AddOns directory.

best regards



central.log central.log

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