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Hi, updating my library file using Orbx central and it has stuck, nothing happening. It scanned around 3000 files then it now says downloading and installing but nothing has happened for awhile now. Any ideas?



Operating system:  windows 7 64

Simulator:  P3D v4


Issue:  Library download stuck



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Please try the following:

  1. Close Orbx Central if it is running
  2. Delete the %Temp\Orbx% folder
  3. Open Orbx Central
  4. Attempt the install again.

If that fails, please try the following:


Downloads are slow or not completing
There are many factors that affect the download speed in Central. Slow download speeds are often caused by the location Central is writing files to. Devices such as USB drives or failing hard drives are common causes for this issue. Try to change your temporary location (Orbx Central, Settings, Downloader) and attempt an installation again.


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