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Unable to fly in NE USA Nantucket


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Yet more FSX/A error.  Now unable to fly in North Eastern Seaboard of USA, including my payware KACK Nantucket, 2b2, 6b6, Boston MA, other Northeastern airports, etc, etc, all crash to desk top. 


No crash when flying other parts of the world, yet.  Have tested South Eastern seaboard (Florida, etc) Western USA, Africa, Australia, UK, etc...no problems.


instant crash in North East USA faulting to Sim1.DLL.  I've searched for forums for Sim1.DLL errors and found nothing that solves the issue.


Here is the time line near as I can figure it out.


Successful flight between YDBY and newly purchased YBRM.

SODE error when restarting FSX, double SODE installation please fix.

Uninstall and reinstall SODE,  within Orbx Central.


Try to fly from Martha's Vineyard to Nantucket - crash.

Try to fly from 2b2/6b6 to Nantucket - crash.

Try to fly from Boston to Nantucket - crash.


Open Orbx Central, get notice of available Orbx library and Pacific Northwest updates.

Update items.

Open Orbx Central, Verify KACK Nantucket, 2B2 etc.

Synchronize FSX within Orbx Central help section.


Test Nantucket, no joy, crash.


central.log Scenery.CFG

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