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I am just getting started.  I have X-plane 11 up and running.  I would like to purchase and install True Earth Florida.  The User Guide says to post a support request in the "Orbx Payware Support Forum section."  I couldn't find that forum.  Question:  My simulator is at my office where the internet connection is slow.  Is it possible to purchase and download to a USB drive at my home (very fast internet) and then copy files/install to my PC in my office?






Operating system:  Windows 10

Simulator:  X-plane 11




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Guest Josh Koz

Hi @mwtucker,


If you have also have X-Plane 11 installed on your home PC with Orbx Central this will be be possible with the backup feature. In the settings of Orbx Central under 'Downloader' there's a Backups option. If you set this to a particular folder, then install True Earth Florida the files required for the installation will be placed into the backups folder after the installation is complete.

You can then move the contents of this folder to your work PC and configure Orbx Central to use that folder as it's backups folder. Installing True Earth Florida on you work PC will then use these backup files instead of downloading the files.

You can learn more about Orbx Central backups in the user guide here: : 

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