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Error: Orbx Central was Unable to Scan Certain Locations on Your System


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2020-04-09T02:32:19.250Z [INFO] [Main] - Orbx Central - 4.1.1
2020-04-09T02:32:19.252Z [INFO] [Main] - Windows_NT 10.0.18363
2020-04-09T02:32:19.253Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env APPDATA: C:\Users\Thomas\AppData\Roaming
2020-04-09T02:32:19.254Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env PROGRAMDATA: C:\ProgramData
2020-04-09T02:32:19.255Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env LOCALAPPDATA: C:\Users\Thomas\AppData\Local
2020-04-09T02:32:19.296Z [INFO] [Main] - Booting splashscreen.
2020-04-09T02:32:19.684Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Loaded
2020-04-09T02:32:19.687Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Refreshing authentication.
2020-04-09T02:32:20.476Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Authentication refreshed.
2020-04-09T02:32:20.477Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Checking for updates...
2020-04-09T02:32:20.479Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Racing update check with timeout...
2020-04-09T02:32:20.480Z [INFO] [Main] - Checking for update
2020-04-09T02:32:22.393Z [INFO] [Main] - Update for version 4.1.1 is not available (latest version: 4.1.1, downgrade is disallowed).
2020-04-09T02:32:22.396Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] No updates available.
2020-04-09T02:32:22.398Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Boot requested.
2020-04-09T02:32:22.400Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Ready to launch application.
2020-04-09T02:32:22.402Z [INFO] [Main] - Application ready to start.
2020-04-09T02:32:22.404Z [INFO] [Main] - Creating main application window.
2020-04-09T02:32:23.311Z [DEBUG] [Central::CoordinatorService] - Coordinator: onStartupEvent fired.
2020-04-09T02:32:23.320Z [INFO] [Central::AuthService] - Refreshing session...
2020-04-09T02:32:23.401Z [INFO] [Central::AppComponent] - Version 4.1.1
2020-04-09T02:32:23.881Z [INFO] [Central::AuthService] - Session refresh successful!
2020-04-09T02:32:23.887Z [DEBUG] [Central::CoordinatorService] - Coordinator: onLogin fired.
2020-04-09T02:32:24.249Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Connected to Socket.IO.
2020-04-09T02:32:24.327Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Using Saturn binary from C:\Users\Thomas\AppData\Local\Programs\Orbx-central\saturn-win\OrbxCentralWorker.exe
2020-04-09T02:32:24.400Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Authenticated with Socket.IO.
2020-04-09T02:32:24.525Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Saturn active. Version 4.1.1
2020-04-09T02:32:24.607Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Attempting to listen on
2020-04-09T02:32:24.611Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Listening started
2020-04-09T02:32:24.613Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Waiting for a connection
2020-04-09T02:32:24.659Z [INFO] [Central::SimulatorService] - Loading previous simulator from settings.
2020-04-09T02:32:24.665Z [INFO] [Central::SimulatorService] - Selected Prepar3D v4 at path F:\P3D\
2020-04-09T02:32:24.665Z [DEBUG] [Central::CoordinatorService] - Coordinator: onSimSelected fired.
2020-04-09T02:32:24.666Z [INFO] [Central::LibraryService] - Found 1 libraries.
2020-04-09T02:32:25.027Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Socket connected.
2020-04-09T02:32:25.027Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Connected to Saturn.
2020-04-09T02:32:25.029Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Connected to client
2020-04-09T02:32:27.216Z [DEBUG] [Central::ProductService] - Scanning for installed products.
2020-04-09T02:32:40.127Z [DEBUG] [Central::ProductService] - Found 0 potential products installed.
2020-04-09T02:32:40.131Z [INFO] [Central::AnalyticsService] - Sending installed product analytics.
2020-04-09T02:33:27.822Z [DEBUG] [Central::CoordinatorService] - Coordinator: onLogout fired.
2020-04-09T02:33:27.823Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Disconnected from Socket.IO.
2020-04-09T02:34:03.787Z [INFO] [Main] - Orbx Central - 4.1.1
2020-04-09T02:34:03.789Z [INFO] [Main] - Windows_NT 10.0.18363
2020-04-09T02:34:03.790Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env APPDATA: C:\Users\Thomas\AppData\Roaming
2020-04-09T02:34:03.791Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env PROGRAMDATA: C:\ProgramData
2020-04-09T02:34:03.792Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env LOCALAPPDATA: C:\Users\Thomas\AppData\Local
2020-04-09T02:34:03.835Z [INFO] [Main] - Booting splashscreen.
2020-04-09T02:34:04.203Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Loaded
2020-04-09T02:34:04.206Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Checking for updates...
2020-04-09T02:34:04.207Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Racing update check with timeout...
2020-04-09T02:34:04.209Z [INFO] [Main] - Checking for update
2020-04-09T02:34:05.926Z [INFO] [Main] - Update for version 4.1.1 is not available (latest version: 4.1.1, downgrade is disallowed).
2020-04-09T02:34:05.928Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] No updates available.
2020-04-09T02:34:05.929Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Boot requested.
2020-04-09T02:34:05.931Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Ready to launch application.
2020-04-09T02:34:05.932Z [INFO] [Main] - Application ready to start.
2020-04-09T02:34:05.933Z [INFO] [Main] - Creating main application window.
2020-04-09T02:34:06.831Z [DEBUG] [Central::CoordinatorService] - Coordinator: onStartupEvent fired.
2020-04-09T02:34:06.965Z [INFO] [Central::AppComponent] - Version 4.1.1
2020-04-09T02:34:07.102Z [ERROR] [Central::AuthService] - Failed to parse auth token.
2020-04-09T02:34:07.839Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Using Saturn binary from C:\Users\Thomas\AppData\Local\Programs\Orbx-central\saturn-win\OrbxCentralWorker.exe
2020-04-09T02:34:07.931Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Saturn active. Version 4.1.1
2020-04-09T02:34:07.958Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Attempting to listen on
2020-04-09T02:34:07.961Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Listening started
2020-04-09T02:34:07.962Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Waiting for a connection
2020-04-09T02:34:08.433Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Socket connected.
2020-04-09T02:34:08.433Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Connected to Saturn.
2020-04-09T02:34:08.435Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Connected to client
2020-04-09T02:34:16.807Z [DEBUG] [Central::CoordinatorService] - Coordinator: onLogin fired.
2020-04-09T02:34:17.048Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Connected to Socket.IO.
2020-04-09T02:34:17.217Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Authenticated with Socket.IO.
2020-04-09T02:34:17.231Z [INFO] [Central::SimulatorService] - Loading previous simulator from settings.
2020-04-09T02:34:17.237Z [INFO] [Central::SimulatorService] - Selected Prepar3D v4 at path F:\P3D\
2020-04-09T02:34:17.237Z [DEBUG] [Central::CoordinatorService] - Coordinator: onSimSelected fired.
2020-04-09T02:34:17.238Z [INFO] [Central::LibraryService] - Found 1 libraries.
2020-04-09T02:34:19.696Z [DEBUG] [Central::ProductService] - Scanning for installed products.
2020-04-09T02:35:26.478Z [DEBUG] [Central::ProductService] - Found 0 potential products installed.
2020-04-09T02:35:26.481Z [INFO] [Central::AnalyticsService] - Sending installed product analytics.
2020-04-09T02:35:36.701Z [INFO] [Central::MapService] - Map loaded.
2020-04-09T02:35:38.858Z [INFO] [Central::MapService] - Map unloaded.
2020-04-09T02:36:12.348Z [INFO] [Main] - Checking for update
2020-04-09T02:36:12.709Z [INFO] [Main] - Update for version 4.1.1 is not available (latest version: 4.1.1, downgrade is disallowed).
2020-04-09T02:36:53.199Z [INFO] [Saturn] - C:\Users\Thomas\AppData\Local\Temp\Orbx\temp
2020-04-09T02:36:53.200Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Queue added job
2020-04-09T02:36:53.210Z [INFO] [Saturn] - C:\Users\Thomas\AppData\Roaming\Orbx\Central\Backup
2020-04-09T02:36:53.210Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Queue added job
2020-04-09T02:36:53.258Z [INFO] [Saturn] - C:\Users\Thomas\AppData\Local\Temp\Orbx\temp is 0
2020-04-09T02:36:53.265Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Job released 742357536
2020-04-09T02:36:53.400Z [INFO] [Saturn] - C:\Users\Thomas\AppData\Roaming\Orbx\Central\Backup is 9997481103
2020-04-09T02:36:53.405Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Job released 466430047
2020-04-09T02:37:18.150Z [INFO] [Central::SimulatorService] - Adding F:\Orbx\Libraries to F:\P3D\
2020-04-09T02:37:18.505Z [INFO] [Central::SimulatorService] - Added F:\Orbx\Libraries as a discovery path.
2020-04-09T02:37:18.506Z [INFO] [Central::SimulatorService] - Sending sync request
2020-04-09T02:37:18.524Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Queue added job
2020-04-09T02:37:18.559Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [INFO] Synchronizing p3dv4 (F:\P3D\)
2020-04-09T02:37:18.571Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Job released 830504999
2020-04-09T02:37:18.607Z [ERROR] [Central::SimulatorService] - {"data":{"status":false},"id":830504999,"name":"SyncSimulatorResponseMessage","success":false}
2020-04-09T02:37:18.614Z [INFO] [Saturn] - System.IO.IOException: A device which does not exist was specified. : 'F:\Orbx\Libraries\p3dv4'
2020-04-09T02:37:18.615Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at System.IO.Enumeration.FileSystemEnumerator`1.FindNextEntry()
2020-04-09T02:37:18.615Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at System.IO.Enumeration.FileSystemEnumerator`1.MoveNext()
2020-04-09T02:37:18.615Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at System.Collections.Generic.LargeArrayBuilder`1.AddRange(IEnumerable`1 items)
2020-04-09T02:37:18.615Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at System.Collections.Generic.EnumerableHelpers.ToArray[T](IEnumerable`1 source)
2020-04-09T02:37:18.615Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at System.IO.Directory.GetDirectories(String path, String searchPattern, EnumerationOptions enumerationOptions)
2020-04-09T02:37:18.615Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at System.IO.Directory.GetDirectories(String path)
2020-04-09T02:37:18.615Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at Saturn.Utilities.Configuration.DisableFileMutator.<LoadConfigs>b__5_1(String library)
2020-04-09T02:37:18.615Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at System.Collections.Generic.List`1.ForEach(Action`1 action)
2020-04-09T02:37:18.615Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at Saturn.Utilities.Configuration.DisableFileMutator.LoadConfigs()
2020-04-09T02:37:18.615Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at Saturn.Jobs.SyncSimulator.SyncSimulatorJobRunner.SyncESP()
2020-04-09T02:37:18.615Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at Saturn.Jobs.SyncSimulator.SyncSimulatorJobRunner.Execute()
2020-04-09T02:37:18.616Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [ERROR] Synchronizing failed.
2020-04-09T02:38:16.725Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Disconnected from Socket.IO.
2020-04-09T02:38:17.999Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Connected to Socket.IO.
2020-04-09T02:38:18.158Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Authenticated with Socket.IO.
2020-04-09T02:39:06.996Z [INFO] [Central::InstallationService] - Checking for outdated products. Found 0.
2020-04-09T02:39:06.996Z [INFO] [Central::InstallationService] - Not auto-updating, disabled in settings.
2020-04-09T02:45:08.664Z [INFO] [Main] - Orbx Central - 4.1.1
2020-04-09T02:45:08.665Z [INFO] [Main] - Windows_NT 10.0.18363
2020-04-09T02:45:08.667Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env APPDATA: C:\Users\Thomas\AppData\Roaming
2020-04-09T02:45:08.668Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env PROGRAMDATA: C:\ProgramData
2020-04-09T02:45:08.669Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env LOCALAPPDATA: C:\Users\Thomas\AppData\Local
2020-04-09T02:45:08.711Z [INFO] [Main] - Booting splashscreen.
2020-04-09T02:45:09.170Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Loaded
2020-04-09T02:45:09.173Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Refreshing authentication.
2020-04-09T02:45:10.352Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Authentication refreshed.
2020-04-09T02:45:10.354Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Checking for updates...
2020-04-09T02:45:10.355Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Racing update check with timeout...
2020-04-09T02:45:10.356Z [INFO] [Main] - Checking for update
2020-04-09T02:45:12.161Z [INFO] [Main] - Update for version 4.1.1 is not available (latest version: 4.1.1, downgrade is disallowed).
2020-04-09T02:45:12.163Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] No updates available.
2020-04-09T02:45:12.165Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Boot requested.
2020-04-09T02:45:12.167Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Ready to launch application.
2020-04-09T02:45:12.169Z [INFO] [Main] - Application ready to start.
2020-04-09T02:45:12.171Z [INFO] [Main] - Creating main application window.
2020-04-09T02:45:12.932Z [DEBUG] [Central::CoordinatorService] - Coordinator: onStartupEvent fired.
2020-04-09T02:45:12.940Z [INFO] [Central::AuthService] - Refreshing session...
2020-04-09T02:45:13.044Z [INFO] [Central::AppComponent] - Version 4.1.1
2020-04-09T02:45:13.389Z [INFO] [Central::AuthService] - Session refresh successful!
2020-04-09T02:45:13.398Z [DEBUG] [Central::CoordinatorService] - Coordinator: onLogin fired.
2020-04-09T02:45:13.632Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Connected to Socket.IO.
2020-04-09T02:45:13.791Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Authenticated with Socket.IO.
2020-04-09T02:45:13.945Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Using Saturn binary from C:\Users\Thomas\AppData\Local\Programs\Orbx-central\saturn-win\OrbxCentralWorker.exe
2020-04-09T02:45:14.030Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Saturn active. Version 4.1.1
2020-04-09T02:45:14.057Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Attempting to listen on
2020-04-09T02:45:14.062Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Listening started
2020-04-09T02:45:14.063Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Waiting for a connection
2020-04-09T02:45:14.146Z [INFO] [Central::SimulatorService] - Loading previous simulator from settings.
2020-04-09T02:45:14.153Z [INFO] [Central::SimulatorService] - Selected Prepar3D v4 at path F:\P3D\
2020-04-09T02:45:14.154Z [DEBUG] [Central::CoordinatorService] - Coordinator: onSimSelected fired.
2020-04-09T02:45:14.155Z [INFO] [Central::LibraryService] - Found 1 libraries.
2020-04-09T02:45:14.543Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Socket connected.
2020-04-09T02:45:14.543Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Connected to Saturn.
2020-04-09T02:45:14.544Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Connected to client
2020-04-09T02:45:16.053Z [DEBUG] [Central::ProductService] - Scanning for installed products.



Operating system:  Windows 10 Pro

Simulator:  P3D v4.5


Issue:  Orbx central was unable to scan certain locations on your system. The error we encountered has been saved in your central log file. If any of your installed products no longer show as installed or Orbx Central doesn't function correctly, please make a support request on the Orbx forum.


If this is not the correct place, please advise the correct place to post this issue.


When the error occurs is when I open Orbx Central.


When the error states "...if any of your installed products no longer show as installed...."; None of my installed products show up as installed.


The issue is not what I have installed, but nothing shows up, but did previously over the time I had Orbx Central working for the last 2 months.




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