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advice about migration to free space


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I understand that the utility is very young and a few people have problems, so please be patient with my question, because Orbx Central is warning me that if sceneries are working, it's advisable to avoid migration (?):


I'd like to transfer all Orbx stuff to the new library location, to free space on the main p3dv45 partition



can I do it now, or should I wait ?

do I have to make any arrangements before doing it?





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You can do it now and there are no arrangements to be made before doing it. To avoid issues I'd recommend migrating airports rather than migrating regions or openLC products (if you own any). Due to the complexity of some of our products it can be difficult for Central to make a clean migration, so while this feature is available I'd recommend not migrating your entire product library unless you need to. Airports are much easier for Orbx Central to cleanly migrate than larger region or openLC products.


If you do encounter any issues when migrating any or all of your products, please let us know and we can troubleshoot what has gone wrong.

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