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SAM outdated on Orbx Central


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There is not mutch to say, just to give an heads up about Scenery Animation Manager (SAM), installed through Orbx Central, is currently listed as "version 2.0.2 installed and updated", but latest version is 2.0.3, released on February 3.

Please update SAM on Orbx Central too.

Thank you


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6 hours ago, Mitchell Williamson said:



Thanks for letting us know. I've made v2.0.3 of SAM available via Central now :)

Thank you!

I thought It would be an automatic avaiablity whenever an update comes out. I'll notify you again when the next update released whatever is needed or not.

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This issue happens again SAM is actual now at 2.0.5 via their suit installer!
But Orbx Central always wants to install 2.0.4 whenever I update a scenery!?
I always have to stop it from doing it, so I cannot activate the auto update function of Orbx!

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