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Download/Install Challenge :: KTIW


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Yesterday [Tuesday, 3 December 2019], I purchased the newly-released KTIW - Tacoma Narrows Airport scenery using ORBX Central, and for some inexplicable reason, I can't get it to actually install on my system. As the screenshot indicates, I've installed quite a number of sceneries in the past, none of which encountered any install difficulties... Anyway, the product is listed as 'Product Owned' and the blue box beneath it contains a spinning circle without the appearance of a download/install progress bar as I've seen in all previous installs  --  a circle that's actually been spinning since last night. I also note the links are apparently broken for the 'check-this-out' display images that typically accompany each airport's description. I've restarted a number of times without any changes to what you see on this screen...


Any ideas?

ORBX Central Screenshot.png

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May be unrelated, but I had a similar issue after my Orbx Central patched itself to the latest version. In my case, I just got a loading / initialising screen which hung forever. I solved the issue by running the Orbx Central uninstaller and then downloading a fresh copy from Orbx Direct.




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Guest Josh Koz

Hi @BMoto53,


Can you try closing and relaunching Orbx Central then starting the download again. Ensure it's not running in the system tray.


If you're still encountering issues can you attach your central.log file so we can look into this further for you.

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