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Moving library


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Operating system:  OS

Simulator:  P3Dv4.5

Screenshot:  attached - sc1.png



I moved the location of my library to a new location and modified the location path in central, however it is not installing in the correct path. It is creating a sub-directory in the new path that was the original top library directory in the old path:


old path: C:\lockheed martin\p3dv4\orbx library\


new path: C:\lockheed martin\prepar3d v4 addons\orbx library\


path being created when addons are installed (notice new directory): C:\lockheed martin\p3dv4 addons\orbx library\p3dv4\<addons here>


is there a step I missed? or where is the old path being cached?




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Orbx Central libraries can be used with Aerofly FS 2, X-Plane 11 and P3Dv4. It will create a sub-directory for each simulator when you install a product to that simulator. This may be confusing if your original library path had p3dv4 in its name. This is perfectly normal however, P3Dv4 products will always install into the p3dv4 subdirectory of the library folder.


If you installed a product into AFS2 or XP11 using libraries, you'd also see afs2 and xp11 sub-directories created.

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