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Installation taking a very long time!


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O/S: Windows 10 Build 1903

Simulator:X-Plane 11.36

Screenshot: image.png.3fc3e981ae7b779f9e3e2eed58a9dda4.png

Issue: As title above


I purchased all three UK TrueEarth products at the weekend and I still haven't managed to install all three. After several attempts and re-installs of Orbx Central (latest version) I now have TrueEarth UK Central installed. I had to resort to installing from a manual download though, as it was getting pretty much half way through and then hanging. I'd estimate that I spent around six hours on Saturday, just getting UK Central to install.


On that note, it would appear that the only solution for re-attempting a previously failed/aborted product install is to completely uninstall Central, delete all of the temporary files it creates in both the AppData Roaming and Local folders and also ensure that all files are deleted in the Backup and Temp folder locations. Really?


To my issue today. I started the UK North install yesterday evening (after a clean install of Central). It seemed to start OK, but it's only 43% complete this morning. The problem is, my data drive seems to be very unresponsive while Central is working, so now I have to cancel the install so I can get some work done. I've had no issues installing any other Orbx products, such as Innsbruck for example. I have a fairly powerful PC (i9 9820X 64GB RAM) and lightning fast, reliable internet (350mbps). I know they're meaty files and some uncompression is required, but should it really be taking a day (or more) to install one of the TrueEarth products? As a software developer myself (working with big data), I'm struggling to understand this.


P.S. dragging files into the box below doesn't seem to work for me either.




Operating system:  






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The log file makes it appear that things are working correctly, although I'm not sure what could be causing it to take a long time. It would appear that the download process is complete and the only actions being performed are file extraction and conversion. The extraction process does look like its taking a long time which is unusual, but this may just be the result of the conversion and extraction taking place at the same time and read/writing different parts of the disk.


We've just released v4.0.25 of Orbx Central into fastlane which contains a number of fixes and improvements. You can opt-in to fastlane in the Orbx Central settings under My Account, then restart Orbx Central to update. Can you try this version to see if you get a better experience?

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, this was an install from a manual download, because of the previous failed attempts to use the 'normal' install option. I decided to leave it running for the day and by around 17:00, it had completed. Is around fifteen hours for a TrueEarth library install normal?!Thanks for the headsup on the latest Orbx Central. I'll get it installed.

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Hi Mitchell,


So frustrating. I'd already started the TrueEarth UK North install before I got your reply and before I was able to install the new version of Central.


It's 20:30 on Thursday evening and I started the download and install early this morning at around 00:30. So, it's been running for around twenty hours. It seemed to make good progress early on, but now it's hung at 80%.




The log file was too big to attach to this message so I had to ZIP it. Please take a look at the last 4000+ lines and let me know what is happening. 


Line 74092 - 2019-11-07T18:49:20.831Z [INFO] [Saturn] - gbr-north-xp11: 80.00%  Downloaded: 20.52 GB / 20.8 GB (1.29 GB/s). Converted: 13245 / 13180.

Line 78369 - 2019-11-07T20:45:52.253Z [INFO] [Saturn] - gbr-north-xp11: 80.00%  Downloaded: 20.52 GB / 20.8 GB (1.29 GB/s). Converted: 13245 / 13180.


Can you explain what Orbx Central has actually been doing for the last 4,277 log file entries, taking nearly two hours?


Also, how it's managed to convert more files than is necessary to convert, despite reporting it's only 80% complete?


Also, how the TrueEarth North Library folder contents are currently 161GB in size, for a library that's only supposed to be 142GB when fully installed and the install has 20% left to complete?






I will be demanding a refund for TrueEarth UK if you're not able to provide a solution to this.


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2019-11-07T20:59:35.329Z [INFO] [Saturn] - gbr-north-xp11: 80.00%  Downloaded: 20.52 GB / 20.8 GB (1.29 GB/s). Converted: 13245 / 13180.


I think we can possibly assume that the install has hung (again)?


Maybe not. I did some digging around in the Library folder. Please see attached video.


See above and get back to me please.

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