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Orbx Sync error

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Hi Alan2,

I had to do some drastic stuff as follows;

1.delete Obrx V4 & V4

2. Go into Regedit (only if you know what you are doing) and start the search by pressing F3 then enter the file name then press enter, continue to press F3 when you have deleted  the current.  Repeat the search by pressing F3 then file as each file appears press delete.

3. I re-installed V4 and had no further issues.

 Can't stress the importance of being careful using Regedit though as long as yo check the  file is an Obrx file before deleting you should be fine and it does take some time to do it this but it's the only way I knew.


Just seen this in my inbox, have a read you may  want to try it this way. 


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