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Advanced Layering - Experimental


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Hi guys:

The Advanced Layering feature in ORBX Central is still "experimental"?. I've tried to expand my knowledge on this feature, but found nothing about it in the ORBX Central Guide. Could someone from ORBX please explain this feature in more detail and the advantages/need of using it?.

Are there any plans at ORBX to cover this feature in a future Central Guide update?.

So far, the feature seems to be not documented at all.

Cheers, Ed


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Hi Ed,


The Advanced Layering system is a rewritten system of layering Orbx products based on the feedback we've received since launch. It provides an experience similar to FTX Central 3, where things are layered alphabetically again and also prevents some strange layering behavior that was occurring. The main difference is that it has much improved support for layering add-on.xmls and uses layering logic similar to that used in the Lorby-SI Addon Organizer tool, therefore users of that tool won't have strange layering after running Central. It also allows you to choose a third-party add-on.xml based insertion point.


This will shortly become the default layering behavior and the documentation will be updated to more closely align with this.

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