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Error: Could not download and save the manifest


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I've just installed Orbx Central.  I can't download anything.  After choosing which library to send the files to and beginning the download I get:    Error: Could not download and save the manifest.     Log file attached below.  I've tried quitting and re-launching the program, restarting the pc, and uninstalling and re-installing Orbx Central.   Happens with X-Plane and P3d.   I see within the log file there is an error called Unable_to_verify_leaf_signature.



Operating system:  Windows 10

Simulator:  Xplane, Prepar3d





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I uninstalled Orbx Central and re-installed ftx3.  TE Washington SD and Oregon SD will not download (and I believe this is intentional on your end), but I can at least verify files and update other airports.   I then re-installed Orbx Central (and uninstalled ftx3 at the prompt) and I'm still getting the same error.  I can't download, and I can't even verify files.

Screenshot 2019-09-04 18.07.29.png

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It would appear something is preventing a secure connection from being made to Google (where our infrastructure is located).

Check the following:

  • Is your system time set correctly?
  • Are you using any proxies?
  • If you go to https://storage.googleapis.com/ in your web browser, can you take a screenshot of what you see?
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Time is correct.  We use an internet filter called covenant eyes, but I don't think it's a proxy.  Will double check.


This computer was attacked by a virus/hacker approximately 6 weeks ago, and I believe it especially targeted Google Chrome and got some of my passwords that were saved in the browser.   I thought I had all that cleaned up (after much hassle).   If it is still vulnerable I would definitely like to know!  







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