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FTX CRM layering after migrating with Central


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 After installing Central many of my FTX CRM airports have serious elevation issues in what looks very similar to a layering problem. I'm running 4.0.10 and have tried the sync simulator etc. My insertion points are set as follows, Airports and Regions inserted below the very last addon airport in the dropdown before Bathymetry and Global openLC inserted below Africa.

 I'm stumped and fairly frustrated so far with Central after it also deleted all of my customized FTX region ADE's when migrating. 



Operating system:  Win 10 Home 64

Simulator:  P3d 4.5





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 Fixed! I uninstalled CRM and them did a fresh install and it works fine again. Something in the migration wasn't correct. I also noticed issues in my PFJ after migration in that many airports were missing the ADE files etc. An uninstall and reinstall fixed it up again.

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