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Javascript Error -- Crashes on Startup

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I installed the new Orbx Central.  It worked the first few times I opened it.  Now, however, when I try to run it, I get the error message: A Javascript Error occurred in the main process;  Uncaught Exception: Syntax error: Unexpected token


I have no idea what this is or how to fix it.  I uninstalled Orbx Directe and reinstalled it.  I installed Java.  I re-booted the computer.  None of this worrks.


I finally reinstalled FTX because it was working just fine.


I understand that when you release a new program like this, it takes a while to fix the bugs.  I don't know if you have encountered this bug before.


Any ideas how to fix it?  I guess I will continue to use FTX Central until the bug is swatted.


I do own most of your sceneries for FSX/P3d. My latest transaction No: 5d5b20b4cd594

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This issue is most often a corrupt configuration or program file.


Is there a central.log file you can upload?


Please delete the following directories if they exist:

  • %AppData%/Orbx/Central
  • %LocalAppData%/Programs/orbx-central

After deleting those directories, redownload the Central installer and attempt to reinstall Central again.

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