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Orbx Central 4.0.10 Synchronization Error


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Operating system:  Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Simulator:  FSX-SE

Screenshot:  N/A

Issue:  An error occurred while trying to synchronize your simulator




I've read through several forum posts that describe problems similar to this. One suggests that the fix was found in 4.0.10. In my case, version 4.0.10 does not work. I have not tried any earlier versions of Orbx Central. I've attached the log and scenery config files.


I hope you can find the cause of my issue and resolve it.





Product information
Transaction ID: 5af3799c9c50a
Product: Global BASE Pack
Amount paid: $52.97 AUD
Purchased at: 2018-05-12 18:30:23
Quantity purchased: 1


central.log Scenery.CFG

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