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Common thread regarding TE dds files


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There seems to be a common thread in many of the posts here and in the XP help forum regarding the dds files in the orthos/textures folders of TE products, causing XP to shut down. From my perspective the failure appears to be that the jpg files are downloaded but never converted to .dds.  I have, as have many others, been referred to Nick’s help post from November 2018, which essentially asks that we run the verify commands until a successful download/conversion occurs.  That post and other posts have indicated that the conversion process can take many, many hours.  I have run verify about 6 times, always with the following results (and, of course, the shutdown of XP):


1.  The orthos/textures folder always contains only 224 png files, no dds.

2.  During the install process, jpg files are downloading to the textures folder.

3.  There appears to be no conversion from jpg to dds.

4.  The download progress indicator goes up to 133% (!!!) at which point Central then says that the product is fully installed. 


I’m way out of my depth here, desperately in need of assistance!






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