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Error: product dependency (ObjectFlow)


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I am getting an error and I've looked here in the forums and tried several things.


Startup Central 4.0.6

I have three airports that needed to be updated, these are YLIL, YMML. and YMUI.  I click on one then Click Update

I get an popup or I get the spinning wheel of death

The error popup says that 




Error: An error occurred while trying to install a product dependency. (ObjectFlow)


I read one place is to go to %Documents%/Prepar3D V4 Add-ons and delete Orbx ObjectFlow 2 directory.  Then Click Sync Simulator in Help.


This does not work.


The log shows the error ObjectFlow isn't installed or is out of date.


Operating system:  Windows 10 19H1

Simulator:  Prepard3d 4.5 HF1+




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ObjectFlow is one of the components within Central that requires a library to install into. If you don't have a library created, it won't be able to install it. There should be a different error message that explains this showing up instead, I've noted that to be investigated. 


If you go to Settings/Libraries and press 'Create', then select a path anywhere on your PC (e.g Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Orbx if you want to keep your P3D add-ons together). This should prevent that error from occurring in the future.

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