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Problems with Orbx Central 4.0.6 in P3d


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Operating system:  Win 7

Simulator:  P3d V4

Screenshot:  enclosed

Issue:  Problems with Orbx Central 4.0.6 in P3d




I just ordered the Orbx Global Base Pack.
This is my first Orbx product.


I have installed the Orbx Central software (version 6.0.4) and logged in.
To avoid problems with my anti-virus software, I deactivated it before.


Everything works fine, including the login. But after that I have big problems with the program.
It seems that Orbx Central can not be synced with my P3d installation.
It is not possible to download the Base Pack or the required librarys, even with a manual download.

Enclosed you will find the Logfile and two screenshots.

Thanks in advance.









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Hi Tim,


This can be caused if your version of Windows is missing some specific updates.


Check that you have the following installed (you may need to scroll down to the download link for All supported x64-based versions of Windows 7)

Restart your computer after installing these and try running Orbx Central again. Let us know how this goes for you.

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