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Central 4 and AivlaSoft DbBuilder


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Hi guys,

I've installed Central4 last days and since there I do have a problem updating my Airportsdatabase from AivlaSoft EFB2. When I start the DbBuilder after installing a new scenery usually it needs up to 2 minute to built the new database file. Now with Central4 it takes up to 30 minutes!!! I can't imagine what's happen but it is first since Central4. My colleague who use the same (win10, p3dv4.5, central4, EFB2) has the same issue since updating to version 4 too.

Maybe you can help.

Regards Axel



Operating system:  Win 10

Simulator:  P3Dv4.5





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Hi Mitchell,


thanks for your answer. I do have many sceneries and all of this are in add-on.xml files but don't have this issue with central 3 before. EFB2 read the scenery index in about 2 minutes. Now after installed central 4 I have this issue. It's a theme in the Aivlasoft forum too, please look here:




Regards Axel

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