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New Orbx Central and xml files.


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I'm still with FTX Central, waiting for the dust to settle, and using P3Dv4.5. But I do have a question that isn't clear to me from

reading.the Orbx Central manual. My only experience with Orbx xml files so far has been Orbx HD Buildings,


Based on HD Buildings, xml scenery files will over-write all scenery in the Scenery Library, or at least any scenery using the same named

bgl and texture files, almost as if the xml file was always loading at the top of the Scenery Library.


But I can't see any way of setting xml load orders in the Add on files, or of allowing entries in the Scenery Library to load after, and so over-write,

xml entries in the Addon files. Is there some way I've missed, or maybe is some way planned in the future?


For example, I was thinking of  the nice OzX Australian airports. If Orbx Aus v2 is xml, won't the default Aus v2 airports over-write all the OzX airports?


As well, other third party dev's also now seem to be making their own sceneries as xml's in the Addon files (FSDG for example). If everyone starts

doing this, and there's no way of setting Addon file load orders, won't this create a blooming, buzzing scenery confusion?


Sorry if this has been answered somewhere, but the art of Scenery Library stacking has always been important for smooth scenery loading in flight,

especially if you have lots of sceneries, so I just wondered.


Thanks - Bob 



5d181d82952ee HD Buildings, the most recent of just about everything


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Hi Bob,


We've try to make Orbx Central as compatible as possible with existing scenery.cfg based installs. Add-on.xml products can actually be layered just like traditional products. In Orbx Central, you can set a scenery insertion point just like in FTX Central 3. Orbx Central will then adjust the add-on.xml based products to fit in how they always would. Therefore, you could set your insertion point to be below OzX and all the Orbx scenery will sit below it.

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