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How to install to X-Plane 'Custom Scenery' with Orbx Central

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Just installed Orbx Central for X-Plane and glad that I can finally install True Earth outside X-Plane's Custom Scenery folder. So I have setup a Library to do that on a large HDD.


But if I want to install the smaller airports to my SSD, there seems to be no option to 'install to Custom Scenery'. They install to the HDD Library by default and whereas there is a 'Migrate to Library' selection for add-ons already in Custom Scenery, there is no 'Migrate to Custom Scenery' to move things the other way. 


I know I can manually move the files from the Library into Custom Scenery and Orbx Central seems to detect them, but it would make sense to be able to manage this all within Orbx Central without having to manually copy files. 


Am I missing something? Is this something that could be added in the next update? Thanks.


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