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Combined entries in scenery.cfg

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Hi Mitchell


I don't know whether this is something you might consider for the future...


This is only intended as an idea or proposal, not a bug or a problem!

If one has installed many (or even all) of the Orbx products, then one has several if not dozens of layer 2 and layer3 entries in the scenery stack. This makes it quite… let me say confusing. So how about to combine all these entries into one single scenery library for layer 2 and layer 3 each? Some kind of an Orbx Scenery World and an Orbx Scenery Base? Then each product could place its elevation files for example into these libraries.





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Hi Greg,


Thanks for your feedback! While this would help clean up the scenery library, this would also cause a range of other issues. Our goal with the move to add-on.xml is to make each product installation as independent as possible, so that they can be removed, updated and migrated with as little chance of conflict as possible. The most realistic way we could implement this is to do it per-library, however this introduces old issues we used to have with installing directly into the simulator.


If you have a common folder for all Orbx Scenery\World BGLs for example, we'd need to keep track of what is installed into it, whether each file is up to date, does it conflict with any other product, does that product have unique layering requirements, how can we migrate or uninstall products effectively, etc.The simpler we can keep the installation process in Central, the less things can go wrong and the better we can support those who do have issues.


This may be something we consider in the future based on community feedback. However, with our current plans and scope I can't foresee moving to a system like this in the near-future.

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