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My FSX crashes in while some aiports


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hi, i recently bought FTX Global OpenLC for my FSX. After it was installed i went to FSX and i wanted to check out the difference. I wanted to fly in Mikonos so i put Mikonos Aiport, in the loading screen it crashed to desktop. I thought it was a one time thing to i tried again to load Mikonos, and again it crashed to desktop. I tried again but this time i loaded LLBG, and again it crashed to desktop. Then i tried LEBL and again it crashed to desktop. Finally i tried KSEA and it worked perfectly and didnt crahsed. And then i tried SAEZ and it work perfectly again. I even loaded EHAM and it worked very well. There seems to be a problem with the mediterrenian zone. Can somebody help me fix it? 

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