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Turbulent Design's KMBS released on OrbxDirect!

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Hello everyone!


KMBS by Turbulent Designs is now available to purchase on OrbxDirect!


Located in Freeland County Michigan, MBS is a great airport for a balance between commercial flying and general aviation. It’s 8000ft primary runway serves a selection of commercial aircraft in the real world, which operate out of the new passenger terminal. On the other side of the 6000ft secondary runway you can find a range of service hangers next to the general aviation and corporate jet apron. General aviation pilots can also use an isolated WWII runway, which provides a unique challenge.




The passenger terminal features a fully modelled interior, accurate to real world blueprints, allowing you to walk through and explore as a passenger. As a pilot parked at one of it’s 6 gates you can look through the terminal windows and see every detail inside the building. Over on the corporate jet apron is another highly detailed interior of one of the main hangers - Pilots can even choose to start or end their flight from inside this hanger!


Key Features:


  • Accurate representation of MBS International Airport modelled in insane detail
  • Bonus GA disused World War II runway for challenging approaches
  • Fully modelled passenger terminal, accurate to real world blue prints
  • Modelled hangar interior
  • Custom HD service vehicles, cars and trucks
  • Baked ambient lighting
  • Stunning custom “Real Flora” vegetation for trees, grass and shrubs
  • Unrivalled HD ground poly throughout the airport
  • Airport and coverage area fully custom modelled to replace autogen
  • Individually modelled farms, barns, wind generators, silos and water towers
  • Orbx Flow technology
  • Optional Dynamic Lighting for P3D v4 only
  • Please note FTX Global is needed for the best experience with KMBS


MBS International Airport is now available to purchase from OrbxDirect for AUD $32.95 (approx. USD $24.35 / €21 / £18.50 )


Existing Turbulent customers: If you already bought the Turbulent Designs version of KMBS from their website, you get this version free! For directions on how to do this, visit http://orbxdirect.com/account/migrate/turbulent - please note this is only for whose who made the purchase via the official Turbulent store and not via resellers.



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