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  1. After having X-Plane 12 for several days now and checking out most of the new version, I decided it was time to see if my Orbx scenery would work. I decided to try Washington and moved it over- no go- receiving an error message regarding missing files. Apparently v. 12 needs something v. 11 does not. Hopefully, Orbx is diligently working on the update. It would also be nice to resolve the issues with Orbx Central and having multiple copies of X-Plane installed. Central will recognize my X-Plane installs on the RAID drive, but for some unknown and mysterious reason, will not recognize them on the internal drive. Even Apple's senior engineers haven't figured that one out, having spent hours on the phone with them trying to resolve permission issues. Manual installs are required for me to get Orbx scenery to the designated copy of X-Plane. I'd be happy, however, with just getting my scenery to load in v. 12. Blue skies!
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