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  1. Indeed! The audio is going to be great but man, those in game clips... totally awesome! The video began with a few real life clips and it took me a few seconds to realize the next clip was not real but sim...! There are quite a few clips that had me wondering if it was real or not. Totally awesome. MSFS is going to rock!
  2. ...but I keep on coming to the Orbx forum hoping to read they started working on AFS2 add ons again... I don't have any other sims in use so why else do I keep on coming here? Come on, Orbx, make my day...! I mainly fly to your AFS2 airports and over TE NL but I'd really like to see another airport every now and then.
  3. How to nice to know you were thinking of me. However, I only posted my opinion in three places. Not exactly everywhere. And well, it is horrible compared to Orbx scenery.
  4. My problem is that Orbx ruined AFS2 for me. Nothing comes close to TE NL or the few available Orbx airports. Today another 3rd party DLC has been released on Simmarket (not a site I'd recommend) by three guys who usually do freeware and while 'everyone' on the IPACS forum is enthusiastic about it I am totally disappointed with it. It looks like freeware and not even good one. Horrible textures, horrible tree placement, horrible everything. And apparently this is the future of AFS2... bad quality freeware you have to pay for. And people actually DO pay for it...! Incredible. I only fly over TE NE in AFS2 but it's such a small country and I am getting fed up with it. But nothing else satisfies... Only the Orbx scenery gives me the feeling everthing down there is REAL. EVen IPACS own scenery is crap compared to Orbx. Such a shame Orbx stopped releasing addon for AFS2.
  5. I think so too but I can understand Orbx doesn't want to invest thousands and thousands of dollars in a 40 bucks addon for around 25 (or so) users...
  6. As a huge fan of Orbx Norway I do find the Lofoten scenery very interesting. But it (obviously) doesn't come close to TrueEarth... And imho Lofoten is one of the better ones. I only fly above TE Netherlands and sometimes the Lofoten and that's why it's such a shame TE GB won't happen... I don't fly helicopters, the ATC addon is an FSX add on from 2007, I love the JF Arrow but find the others not as good and too much of the same. The free ones are a joke. The FMC is only working partially and so is the GPS. So... things are happening but not fast enough and too little too. Still, I reinstalled my PC last weekend and AFS2 is the only sim installed (and TE NL and Lofoten are the only sceneries installed).
  7. I wondered the same. A 777 in a sim without a weather engine, without traffic, ATC, deep systems... what's the use of a 777 in AFS2?
  8. There is so little to buy for AFS2 that you can hardly call it an investment...
  9. Yes, since MSFS has been announced nothing else really matters anymore. I don't see AFS2 going anywhere (I even wonder if IPACS still believe it's going anywhere) and although I will keep on using P3D until MSFS has been released (and maybe a few months longer) the future lies with MSFS. Anyway, yesterday it was posted once more that everything AFS2 related has been put on indefinite hold so... that's it. No need to come here anymore if you are looking for something AFS2 related.
  10. AFS2 is dead. Its life is prolonged a bit with the freeware sceneries (of various quality...) created by users and a few (too similar) planes from Just Flight but other than that... nothing. Not even IPACS has released something interesting lately. Bring on MSFS.
  11. The third party ATC will be limited. It will give you something to do while flying but it won't actually control traffic because AFS2 doesn't have traffic. It does come with background chatter (no idea if its regional or not) so it will make things a bit more lively but it won't for instance work with the AFS2 planner. Which is why I called it a place holder: I am sure IPACS will keep on working (if they are actually working at all) on their own ATC because it's supposed to come with a new flight planner (with hopefully extremely basic options like 'Search'... ) and (you would expect) AI (so ATC actually has something to control).
  12. Which is exactly my problem. The few detailed airports and mesh are nice but the orthos are absolutely horrible in places... I also don't like how the trees and specialy houses stick out of the scenery. But I suppose that's very personal and subjective. I totally lose immersion as soon as I take off from Lukla. It certainly isn't Orbx quality.
  13. How could you forget the weather engine...! I hear you but it depends on what you want from a sim. I don't need a hundred aircraft so I am fine with just the Q400 and the JF Arrow. But neither of the current offerings comes close to what's on offer for P3D. They are nice but too much is still missing. The free sceneries are nice (I am enjoying the free Lofoten scenery WITHOUT cultivation) but imho (!!!) a lot of it is mediocre. And in fact the payware is often worse than freeware (how dare they ask money for the canary islands and Lukla looks utterly awful apart from a few of the airports). I am mainly enjoying Lofoten for when I need a quick flying fix. The 3rd party ATC will be a place holder: it won't work with the AFS2 flightplanner and possibilities will be limited so... yet again no competition for P3D. And so on. People keep complaing about AFS2 because whatever has been released so far it isn't as good as what you can get for P3D. Apart from a few Orbx airports. The biggest problem is we have no clue if some really good things are coming or not.
  14. ...but I didn't want this forum to be without at least one post in October. Maybe November will bring us some good news regarding AFS2...? Aaaaaah, probably not. For all we know AFS2 is dead when it comes to Orbx. (Correct me if I am wrong.)
  15. MSFS will come with quite a few very detailed 'photogrammetry' cities but obviously most of the world will be rather generic. Would it be an idea for Orbx to investigate if they could create some sort of 'TrueEarth lite' regions for MSFS? 1. Orbx won't have to deal with ground textures like they have to do with their current TrueEarth regions because MSFS will have them by default; 2. Orbx won't even have to deal with most buildings like they have to do with their current TrueEarth regions because MSFS will have them by default; 3. Orbx will only have to focus on POI's because from the recent Seattle reports we learned that those are the main missing items in non-photogrammetry cities! These 'TrueEarth lite' regions would take far less time to create, would be a LOT smaller in size but they would certainly fill a huge gap in MSFS. MS is doing 75% (or maybe even more) of what Orbx usually has to do for their current TrueEarth series and so Orbx only has to do some additional work to make things really great. Just an idea. Only little problem could be that more photogrammetry will be added in the future by MS and that could make some 'lite' regions redundant. But still, there will always be room for more POI's. And let's not forget the airports! Maybe these TE lite regions could focus on not only POI's but also the airports! Again, just an idea.
  16. Why exactly? Because you are constantly nagged about buying this or that? Being able to buy something from within the game on its own seems a better and more convenient solution than having to go quit the game, go to some site, order something somehow with some account, check your mail, download it, install it, set it up, etc. So in THAT regard it can't drive you crazy, so it seems. Quite the opposite. But why would you if you don't plan on using the current simulators anymore in the future? I don't believe in buying products ONLY to support a business. I won't be using P3D and XP11 in the future anymore, in fact, I stopped using them half a year ago and only have Aerofly FS 2 installed right now. Now even if Orbx WOULD release something new for AFS2 I wouldn't buy it anymore because AFS2 will be gone the day I buy MSFS (or Deadstick). And I certainly wouldn't buy something just to support Orbx. That's an odd thing to do imho.
  17. I have both: TrackIR (with TrackClipPro) and the Oculus Rift. I've been using TIR for over 13 years now and won't fly without it. Or drive without it. VR was nice for a few months but has too many drawbacks for me. It's been gathering dust for two years or so now. Main cons: (very) low resolution, not being able to do things on the side (write notes, read something, grab a checklist, etc.), performance problems, the weight on your head, feeling somewhat out of this world, or dizzy, after using it for some time. And in my personal case it also seems to induce migraine. TIR gives me super sharp images, no problems with performance AT ALL, no dizzy feelings, no weight, no nothing. The ONLY thing VR has going for it is the sense of being 'there' in a 3D world. But... 'there' never ever felt real to me. With VR I always felt like being trapped in a computer world: I never had the idea I was actually THERE. Seeing low res textures being blown up to life size doesn't help here. The sensation was nice but only for a while. I prefer TIR now. By far. My Rift has been uninstalled for almost 2 years now. Wonder what I am keeping it for, really... I also wouldn't call TIR a poor man's VR. It's something completely different and imho a lot better than VR. And it isn't THAT cheap either btw. ;)
  18. Okay, well, this is the end of AFS2 for me then.
  19. Maybe @John Venema is on holiday...? That must be it.
  20. I am beginning to wonder if anyone is still working on it. Asked about progress a few times and all I get is a link to a post from May. That's three months ago and no news at all since then. It's worrying.
  21. Since I didn't get a satisfying reply I posted something here yesterday: maybe we'll get an answer there.
  22. Any update on how the airports are going? Did you make a choice already or are you still looking into it? In other words: when will I be able to install TE GB...? I've flown over every inch of TE Netherlands a few hundred times by now and I need some new TE scenery to fly over in my brand new Arrow IV.
  23. FSUIPC is not needed at all with P3D. Unless an add on plane installs the free version of it automatically but I don't think any up to date add on planes do this anymore. I own FSUIPC but don't have it installed for years already. I fly with a basic joystick and pedals and prefer 'advanced' planes (like the Majestic Q400 and A2A GA) and never felt the need to use FSUIPC. FSUIPC is only 'needed' if you like specific options it offers. It is not required.
  24. Is someone at Orbx still working on something related to Aerofly FS 2...?
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