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  1. Just purchased FTX England, and it’s running nice and smooth! Seems to have all the features I need, and doesn’t dip below 20fps except Heathrow (naturally). I will have to ask for a refund for GB South it seems, my PC isn’t quite capable enough for some reason for it.
  2. Sounds good. It would probably be worth going for it then.
  3. Been purchasing quite a lot of OrbX content during this May sale. Wondering what impact EU England FTX has on performance compared to TrueEarth GB South? Should I plump for that and get a refund on GB South because of the problems I'm having? I guess it would be less performance impacting because the download file is 1/10th of the size.
  4. Hi. Apart from programs like ActiveSky and ChasePlane i have nothing else running when I run Prepar3d. As for antivirus, I only use Windows Defender and I'm sure P3D is excluded from scans.
  5. Unfortunately even after a fresh reinstall and applying all the fixes I could find across multiple threads, my performance is no better. I had lows of 3fps and highs of about 15fps so it's pretty unusable on my system.
  6. Unfortunately I get roughly 10-15 everywhere. I even flew in from Ireland and as soon as I was over Wales the fps dropped to 10. I just had to uninstall it as it was taking about 6/7 minutes to load into the sim. Perhaps if I installed it via the .zip instead of FTX Central it could be a little smoother?
  7. I've tried those and it's a little better. I'm only running 1080p resolution but I get around 10fps+ so it's still not great. Perhaps its my AMD card, I know many others have less of an issue through NVIDIA GPUs. I won't be able to change my system much at the moment, considering the standard game still runs fine even with Orbx Global I don't think I need to. It's annoying because I really like the addon.
  8. Hi I just purchased TrueEarth GB through Orbx and downloaded through FTX Central. Took a while to install, but once I loaded in I was getting around 5fps, making P3D v4.5 completely unusable. I followed the manual from TrueEarth about graphics settings and I have a capable PC. With Orbx Global and several mods/addons I get 40-50fps most of the time on high graphics. Is there a fix I'm missing? Or should I opt for a refund or replacement with something similar like Orbx England which is probably much less resource intensive. My specs: Intel i7 6700k 4.4 Ghz (Overclocked) CPU Kingston 32GB Ram MSI Radeon R9 390X 8GB GPU
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