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  1. Man......Orbx just keeps pulling my money away like a very big vacuum cleaner....... This is great to hear. Now if Microsoft will just get some helicopters I'll be set.
  2. I have taken some additional pictures around KOLM. The airport elevation is not aligned with that of the surrounding scenery. In areas around the boundary of the airport the airport elevation is higher and in other places on the boundary it is lower. Additionally, the roads around the airport are not aligned with the airport boundary. Some go inside the airport boundary fences. This is very disappointing.
  3. These pictures are at KOLM. The first picture is with TE WA active, the second picture is with TE WA inactive and PNW active. As you can see the ground texture detail is very blurry with TE WA while the textures with PNW have much better detail. I understand that photoreal scenery gets blurry at close distances, however, the TE WA scenery is blurry even at some distance. I show this in a set of top down shots. I also have attach some pictures from just north of KSEA around the railyard. Here you can see a significant difference in texture detail between the railyard area and the area starting at the freeway. The freeway road texture is very blurry while the railyard side (area) has the detail one would expect from photoreal.
  4. I have installed TE WA, have verified the files, checked to ensure US Library was installed, verified its files, and still have blurry roads in/around Olympia (KOLM) and Seattle (KSEA). The roads in the city area of Seattle have detail, but, just outside of the immediate city area the road are blurry. I am certain it is a library scenery position issue. Where should the TE Washington libraries be positioned in the scenery order?
  5. My back yard. I live about 30 minutes from the airport. Really looking forward to the scenery. Danny
  6. 68 here. Life is good after back fusion. Too many hobbies to counts. Enjoy them all. Danny
  7. Success. Verification of the Orbx Library resolved the issue. Thanks, Danny
  8. I have attached three pictures. Left picture is OLC NA and PNW active. Center is OLC NA & PNW deactivated. Right is OLC NA deactivated PNW active. As you can see if either of the OLC NA or PNW are active I loose scenery around KOLM. I'll verify the Orbx libraries next. Danny add-ons.cfg scenery.cfg
  9. FTXC3? I don't have FTXC3 installed. I am using Orbx Central. ObjectFlow2 is enabled. Danny
  10. What caused me to find this out was I am having display trouble at KOLM. When PNW and Global NA are active I loose all of the trees and building around the airport. The airport buildings are there and the airport layout is fine. I can cause this to repeat by activating or deactivating either PNW or Global NA. With both deactivated the buildings and trees around the outside of the airport are fine. Very odd. Danny
  11. Yeah. I figured that was the correct location. I will verify files for PNW and CRM. That should cleanup and odds files. Danny
  12. KOLM bgls are present in CRM and in PNW scenery. The KOLM bgls in both sceneries are dated 02/12/2014. Is that correct? If not, which one should have the KOLM bgls? I am guessing PNW. Danny
  13. Yes, I have used the Lorby Addon Organizer tool. I'll do as you suggested. Thanks for the help. Danny
  14. Well, I seem to have fixed it. I deleted all add-on scenery then re added everything. Now the scenery in Hawaii is working. Apparently something got sideways. Thanks for your efforts. Regards, Danny
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