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  1. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: central.log
  2. Watch out landing on runway 26 at Astoria Regional Airport as there are a couple buildings on the runway!
  3. I purchased, downloaded and installed TE Oregon yesterday without any problems...yeah! The first thing I noticed when I tried it out was a preponderance of areas that have a 'lavender' color to them. It seems to be parking lots and yards. I hadn't changed any saturation settings on X Plane 11 so it's kinda weird. I've tried fooling around with color/saturation and tint levels but haven't hit on an acceptable setting so far. Anyone else with this issue? Thanks, John
  4. Thanks Jarrad! Someone else posted with the same issue and he had a reply to delete the line 1302 Flatten 1 from the DD Seattle Airports apt.data file. So I'm about to try that and see if it fixes the terrain problems around KBFI, KRNT and KPAE. Keep your fingers crossed! John
  5. Okay, after checking off runways follow terrain, and completely closing out Steam with a reboot for good measure, LOWI is looking like it's supposed to. But back home in the great Pac. Northwest, I'm still getting the strange terrain issue with TE Washington. The picture is the terrain just west of KRNT. The added effects of all the cargo buildings at KSEA just having an outline and no structure, and some floating buildings across good old Hwy. 99 from Sea-Tac doesn't help at all! Thanks for your suggestion FlyBlueSkies! I will give that a try tomorrow.
  6. I just purchased the LOWI addon and once again I'm having a 'cliff' issue just like I experience with my TE Washington addon. This problem seems to always happen around airports. I have the problem around KRNT, KBFI and KPAE with TE Washington, and with the Anacortes addon I also recently purchased. I tried changing to the runways follows terrain setting, but that didn't help. Along with TE Washington and the KSEA Demo file, I've removed the LOWI Demo file also with no change or fix of the cliffs. Suggestions are welcome!
  7. This has been an interesting and helpful thread, so thanks to all for their input! Washington State, and more importantly, the Seattle area is home to me and I do a lot of my flying there. Up till Orbx's wonderful TE Washington, I was doing most of my flight simming around Washington on Prepar3d v.4. About the only draw to flying the area with X Plane 11 was Drzewiecki's Seattle City, and Seattle Airports addon. So TE Washington comes out, and for the most part, it's really great, but as others have written about, issues with the Seattle airports. Listen, I had no problem sidelining DD's Seattle City addon because TE Washington's Seattle city graphics are outstanding! Again, my problem is with the airports. KSEA is really lacking within TE Washington, and X Plane's default KSEA Demo area doesn't cut it either. I love my DD Seattle Airports! I just can't do without the eye candy at KRNT, KBFI and KPAE! So after playing around with putting this into, or moving something out of my Custom Scenery file, I've come to what's acceptable for me for the time being. So DD's Seattle Airports stays, and the Seattle Airports Terrain and Roads are stored in a backup file. I was having some bizarre terrain issues with my Orbx Anacortes airport addon, and a nice person here on the forum suggested that I check Runways Follow Contour in the X Plane 11's settings. It took care of the problem there, but added problems around Sea-Tac like flattened cargo buildings on the field and floating buildings surrounding the airport. So it's back to flat runways without having those building issues. It sure would be great if Orbx and Drzewiecki Design could work out a fix so we didn't have to sacrifice this thing in order to have that thing ya know!
  8. jjaycee1, Thanks for your input! Well, I did what you suggested and enabled the 'runways follows terrain' and yes, it took care of the cliffs, but now I have the same issue as some have posted about with the houses to the west of the airport being flat. Also, when I fly out of KSEA some of the cargo buildings disappear or are flattened. Guess I can go back and forth with enabling/disabling the runways follow contours when I want to fly in and out of Anacortes, but it will be slightly irritating to do so.
  9. I just purchased, downloaded and installed the new Anacortes 74S addon for TE Washington. There are some pretty severe elevation problems around the airport area. Getting some cliffs that are definitely not supposed to be there. I've verified the files, and it says all's good. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  10. Just purchased it and it's downloading now! I've taken my DD Seattle Airports and City out so I hope that the Orbx scenery is just as good! Born in Seattle and have lived most my life in Washington, and now on the Oregon coast. So Orbx, I'd welcome True Earth Oregon anytime!
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