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  1. This short thread now has it's Happy End! Thanks to Nick, Steve, and probably others from the Orbx support team, my issue - which has been caused by my own fault - has now been fully resolved. It's a good proof that Orbx support is really helping their customers with their issues. Thank you Orbx! Happy weekend to all.
  2. Nick, thanks a lot for your help. Much appreciated! You've indeed found the right ticket, as I've also got your update via mail. Happy to wait if this could be resolved in any way. Regards Joerg
  3. Hi, I fully appreciate that the preferred method to search for customer support is via the support ticket system. I also support the idea that customers need to be patient, and some answers need more time. But how to deal with a query/ticket which is now open for almost two full weeks, and where the only feedback so far was the auto responder, when the ticket was opened? (which btw gives an estimate of 12-24h before someone will deal with the ticket). Also, my question vial mail (as an answer to the auto responder and referring to the ticket) if someone could deal with my ticket gets no answer. Appreciate to hear any idea what I could do, so someone from support would deal with my ticket. Thanks a lot. Best regards, Joerg
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