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  1. Take my money! (You folks at Orbx are consistently top-quality with your releases).
  2. I love your product... very simple to use and looks great. I don't know if you noticed but I did a bit of a promo video for it and posted it in the videos section of this forum. I'm not completely happy with the quality of my video, but it does show off each preset and I'm trying to get better at video production.
  3. I wanted to show off Weather Preset Pro and practice making videos, so I just spent most of two days making this recording this and editing it up. It contains all presets for 10s each. Shot in my home city of Toronto at CYTZ Billy Bishop Airport. Date and time set as 2020/06/14 12:00 local. SoFly Weather Preset Pro on YouTube I intend to do more videos, but they do take quite some time to produce.
  4. I'm not complaining. Just saying that as this point I'm checking for release way more often than I probably should do
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