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  1. Thanks all. I have updated my profile. To restore FTX Global Vector is that a full reinstall? Have had no issues with Norton for years and today it removed FSX Multicore Xtreme, Central and Vector one after the other....
  2. My virus checker has just removed FTX central and FTX Global Vector configuration tools. Don't know why. I cant remember how I installed FTX central. Do I have to reinstall FTX Global to get FTX central? Thanks James
  3. Thanks all for the replies. I will continue with UT2 GA for KBZN.
  4. I just purchased KBZN and had the same reference to a corrupt dll.xml file. Fortunately I stopped the installation and read the advice to copy my original dll.xml entry then paste the new detail for KBZN before adding the dll file back into its correct place and all appears to work. Also during the installation it reverted my ORBX libs back to a 2011 entry and I had to update via FTX central - not a big deal but am surprised this hasn't been resolved after all the comments also related to KJAC. Interestingly I purchased KJAC a month ago and had no issues related to dll or orbx libs so not sure what the KBXN problem is? Fab scenery.... James
  5. I recently installed KBZN on FSX W7 and have zero FTX NA GA AI traffic with sliders set to max. I also have KPSP, KJAC and KEGE installed and have the FTX AI traffic at those airports but at KBZN all I get is the airline traffic generated by UT2 but no FTX GA traffic. If I go to the nearby airfields in BZN area e.g. Briar Creek 2MT5 I get the traffic there so the issue is specifically related to KBZN. Any ideas please?
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