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  1. Just wondering if you have an idea when Orbx will be on sale next? I would like to buy Northern & Southern California for X-Plane 11 and wished i bought it when it was 30% off a few weeks back. Dont want to buy it now and then it goes on sale again a few days later.
  2. Amazing! Just got the release notification! Roll on 1500 so I can finish work and go home and make the purchase! Thanks so much for all the screenshots and efforts from the team. Today is going to be a good day!
  3. Stunning shots! Hopefully we get an update on the release soon as I am itching to buy it and start flying around my home area!
  4. Sorry to pester, The last I read was that they were hoping to have this released on the 26th of Jan. Does it look likely if it will go on sale tonight? Itching to get my order placed! I have not seen any other posts or threads saying that the date has slipped so I have everything crossed that it does release today at some time.
  5. Hopefully you will release EGPE - INV one day as this is my home airport and along with TrueEarth North for me it would be the icing on the cake!
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