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  1. My problem is that CYBW is completely missing from anywhere in my ORBX NRM scenery folders. No files at all.. No idea if I once erased them when I first installed global free airports (a few years ago). But now the entire CYBW is a mess of wrong elevations, no buildings, etc. Should I reinstall NRM? EDIT.... Shortly after posting the above, I moved the global freeware airports higher in the scenery library. Now I have the freeware CYWB showing. I will consider it handled
  2. Gorgeous! Chills on the back of my neck moment....
  3. Loved the way you wrote this! As a Saskatchewan resident, that lady in red is about three hours away... Hmmm... (LOL) Seriously, there's a great transport museum at Moose Jaw for those who love old aircraft, cars, trains, etc. Worth a visit. - Kenneth
  4. You have me scratching my heard. He addressed it... But that's not a toast as such? I await your "auld reekie" wisdom. Btw, my folks were from Harthill and Whitburn! Wonder what poems the Bard would have written these days to laud the accomplishments of ORBX? - Kenneth
  5. Man.. I have driven up that road into Glencoe so many times... Alas, those times are mostly 35+ years ago now. Oh, these shots make the currently-frozen, snowbound, flat Canadian prairies (where I am typing this from) seem sooooooo dreary! Och well, got to wear my kilt a few weeks ago as a featured speaker at a Burns supper.... Thanks for these shots oh fellow exile. - Kenneth
  6. Which is why the school is named Kilchuimen Academy, a tip of the hat to the original name of the village before the Jacobite uprising.
  7. I am so thankful for these shots. My parents lived in this village until their passings in August 2007. I lived there for about two years too (1979/80, and again in 1983/84). Now, more than ever, it is time for a computer replacement to run this dream come true combination of X-Plane and True Earth. - Kenneth
  8. Not very often you see them this cloudless however... The rule I used to hear was if you can't see them before you cross to Skye, stay on the mainland. Having said that, even in the mist they are spectacular. While I have your attention, please snap a few shots around Fort Augustus, the village on the south end of Loch Ness. Regards, Kenneth
  9. ORBX has really raised the bar with True Earth.
  10. My old stomping ground... Incredible deja vu, and just where I saw the beastie myself when I was about 21 years old! Well done ORBX on a truly game changing series of innovative products with True Earth. By the way, are there any settings in Xplane to flatten the road on hillsides? Have yet to experience Xplane, so forgive my ignorance.. - Kenneth
  11. Yes, it is a dream come true. What ORBX and X-Plane are doing now is mind blowing. I've been a flight simmer for more than 30 years, and I once started and owned one of the very first addon companies for Microsoft Flight Simulator, more than 25 years ago. (Anyone here remember Visually Incredible Panels, and then The VIP Group?)... What will come in another 25 years? - Regards, Kenneth James Kerr.
  12. Thank you for responding, in truth my suggestion was not strictly directed at you, but at what you were showing. I am well aware that these are beta shots, and that is the reason I pointed out what could be something that requires tweaking before final release. It is so easy to miss something small in a project so vast as True Earth, however, even something small in magnitude can detract from something great in scope, so my comment was intended to be proactive, positive, and contributory. There were trees that appeared to be sitting in the water, and it was worth pointing out for developer scrutiny. Sadly, I have not tried True Earth as my current computer simply will not handle even XP11. However, I am heavily invested in ORBX products as a loyal customer, and am watching the developments with great interest, because what they are doing may well become the deciding factor on whether I build (or buy) my next computer to use with P3d, or Xplane. Thanks for your preview shots, they are appreciated. Kenneth
  13. Looking great. Just watch those trees on the northern shoreline of the Moray Firth, north of Inverness airport (image 14). It would be a shame to go to all of this trouble to take flight sim to a new level, and miss the mark with artifacts like those. I know previous generations of ORBX scenery had the ability to remove these with a change to a setting regarding frozen water in winter. So, something to keep an eye on. - Kenneth
  14. Ohhhh, Inverness.... I moved to Canada from there 31 years ago this summer, and in that picture I can almost see my former house in Culloden. Sad thing is that my old computer can't run XP11. BUT, as soon as a new one arrives, I know what I'm buying. Great preview shots. - Kenneth
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