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  1. Hello, Could it be that installing the enhancement pack has messed the ability of Orbx Central to detect the TE US Washington install itself? Before installing the enhancement pack there was a "Product installed" for TE US Washington HD, but after installing the enhancement pack it has reverted to the "Install" blue button. If I scroll down to the bottom of the page I see that the Enhancement pack says "Installed". Everything works normal on the simulator side, and symbolic links are properly referenced. Will this prevent me from installing future updates for TE Washington? Thank you, Pau
  2. Hello, I have to agree with the OP EGCL being on the low side regarding fps. I have a fairly powerful computer (see signature below) and sitting at the gate in the Zibo 737 at night time brings my i9-9900+RTX2080Ti to its knees (20-25 fps). I have all the sliders to the max minus 1 notch and reflection set to zero. Bringing textures down doesn't help either. As I pan out I realize there are 10's of thousands of lights across London city that the CPU has to deal with, but this is unflyable under these settings. The same settings I use in ALL other Orbx products, where I get a stable 30 fps using VSync.
  3. Any plans to cover the Portland area at a later point? KSEA-KPDX makes for a nice flight.
  4. EGCB Manchester allows the transparent road option to be enabled through the Control Panel option, but EGHI Southampton doesn't (the Control Panel appears greyed out). Is there a reason for this? Both airports verify files as valid.
  5. Had the same issue but solved it by running the "Check all files are valid" option on FTX Central a second time AND making sure I had enough space on the hard disk. For it looks like the installer will run out of space without throwing any error message, which may lead to some files not being properly converted. Or at least that's the impression I have.
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