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  1. EDIT: I have solved the issue!!! After posting I decided to give it a final shot before heading to bed with success! So as I said in my post I had reinstalled OpenLC Europe using FTX Central 3 and also installed the libraries through there. (I should clarify I have got both a library install through Orbx Central and FTX Central 3 now if that changes anything to my solution) I restarted FTX Central 3 a few times without any popups but when I started it now it gave me the pop-up to migrate to the new iclookup (or whatever the exact name is). I did that and decided to see what happened. And guess what? It fixed it! To confirm this was the solution I uninstalled FTX Central 3 (through the option in Orbx Central which it gives on startup) and decided to restart the sim yet again. All is still good right now so I think I have finally fixed it after a long week . OpenLC Europe also still shows up in Orbx Central so that is also okay, only thing is that OpenLC Europe is not an addon.xml entry right now, but whatever. I thought I'd post my solution here for future info
  2. Hello everyone, I know there is a few posts with the same issue around but most of them are without a working fix (for me at least). I am having a problem with a fresh sim install (and a fresh Windows install) with some night textures showing up during the daytime. I have been trying for a week straight to resolve this issue but without succes. I have attached an image with the problem at default Hamburg scenery. Currently the amount of spots where it shows night textures is very low in comparison to earlier today, after trying several things. There were a lot more spots before. I have done a lot of troubleshooting already and am out of ideas. I have managed to find out the issue lies with OpenLC EU (I dont use OpenLC NA so I won't know if it is the case there, it doesn't seem to be a problem right now with just Orbx Global). Here is what I have done to find out it's most likely OpenLC Europe causing the issue: After trying all the things that were mentioned in the previous posts (Reinstall and verify OpenLC EU & Libraries, delete and let P3d build a new terrain.cfg file, resync the simulator, editing insertion points and even manually editing the scenery library) I disabled all Orbx products in my scenery config and enabled them one by one, each after reloading my sim at the same place to see if it changed anything. So, as I had everything disabled the problem was gone. Enabling Orbx Global and all was good, same for Vector but as soon as I re-enabled OpenLC Europe the problem re-appeared again. After that I have tried several things: Tried multiple times to verify and reinstall OpenLC Europe and the Orbx Libraries, also through a manual download Reinstall the P3d scenery package Resyncing the sim multiple times, Playing around with the insertion points As of right now, the amount of spots have reduced after I tried installing OpenLC Europe and the Orbx Libraries through FTX Central 3, I also tried verifying these products through there. I had the suspicion that it was an issue within the new Orbx Central but after I have tried it with FTX Central 3 I am not too sure anymore. Has anyone got any clue what else I could try, as I am lost. As I said I am on a fresh Windows and P3d install. Orbx is the first thing I have installed. I hope someone can help me
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