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  1. John, Your first screenshot was taken over Port Solent - around 15 km to the West of the area I'm referring to. Have a look: I checked that that area out now and I have no issues with pale colors over there. As I said, the issue isn't washed out colors everywhere in TE GB South, but just some areas. Here are my screenshots from Port Solent area. My normal settings and realistic visibility, hence it looks different to yours, but the colors are natural. Look at the cockpit and the instruments. Definitely not washed out: And this, with slightly higher contrast, from right above the marina looking North: Nothing wrong with the colors as you can see which means that my settings are not the problem here - the washed out colors 15 km to the East are. Have a look at the 4th screenshots in the original post. This just can't be right. I'm afraid you can tweak the settings all you want but when you have such a huge difference in colors of bordering fields, it's never going to look good. Either the fields right next to the coast will look overdone, or the ones inland will look like they do in my screenshot. But feel free to prove me wrong by showing this exact area, at a similar angle and looking toward the coast so we can see how it looks with your settings, reshade etc.
  2. That's interesting Rod. Assuming the source imaginary is the same, it would mean guys at Orbx simply missed this bit of the map when doing their color correction for the X-Plane version. I've never had any other photo scenery for the UK other than TE so it can't really be the cause. What I do have is their Goodwood airfield which comes with its own, higher-res ground textures, but that's only a small area around the field so it shouldn't really be affecting the textures near the coast. Could someone from Orbx have a look into this ?
  3. Sure, and I've been playing around with monitor / Nvidia settings as well as some plugins, but the problem here is that only certain areas look crap and whatever you do is going to affect everything in the sim. Plus, frankly, no amount of tweaking I as an end user am capable of is going to correct those pale colors from my second screenshot. This would have to be done by professionals. So yeah, waiting for someone from the team to have a look into this. They might have missed it but there's definitely more color inconsistency across the package and this particular area happens to be right next to one of their payware airfields (Goodwood).
  4. TE South seems to be such a mixed bag when it comes to color consistency. I've been impressed many times flying at 2000 feet in the right areas and rather disappointed in other locations. Took a few screenshots today. First, for reference, this is more or less where I was taking these shots: This is where the colors look rich and natural, looking East. Looks brilliant to me: ... And here is what we see looking NW. Let's be honest, this is not what your promo screenshots look like: One more where you can clearly see the rich and the washed out colors right next to each other: Why is there such a huge difference where the whole package is supposed to be color corrected ? Fair enough, it's not as bad as with freeware ortho where you literally have a straight line cutting through the landscape with different colors on either side but then ortho is free and TE GB South isn't. I don't know what % of the scenery looks as bad as the second screenshot, it might be as low as 5% or way higher, but I've definitely seen those bland colors several times before, for example in East Anglia. Two questions to the developers: 1. Why is the quality (as in colors) not consistent across the package ? Keep in mind we're not talking slight discoloration - it looks like two different products pretty much. 2. Are you planning on fixing this ?
  5. I've done some more testing, tried disabling the parked aircraft, lowering the AA to 2x, lowering the World Objects, but the only thing that helps and actually makes Goodwood playable is turning off scenery shadows. My frame rate went from <20 to >30. So problem solved. Well, kind of because it makes me think something is wrong with the shadows at Goodwood. My FPS is good enough right next to the airport, and at the airport too but when not looking in the direction of the main parking area and buildings. Again, at Innsbruck disabling the shadows does improve the FPS too but the difference is nowhere near as big as at Goodwood. It would seem that the shadows specifically near the hangars at Goodwood are extremely FPS-hungry, regardless of how I tweak them with Advanced Rendering Options. Turning off the shadows also introduces weird shimmering effect to the grass/bushes, so it's not ideal really.
  6. Hi Jon, I'll give the non-PBR autogen a try but I guess it's not going to help with Goodwood as this is a custom airfield that uses its own buildings, right ? I took a few screenshots. The settings were the same for Goodwood and Innsbruck. Same aircraft, weather, FOV and everything else. It doesn't allow me to upload more than 1 screenshot in a post so I'm going to do it one by one. Goodwood first: Edit: I can't upload any more screenshots even in another post. You might want to change this guys - it doesn't help. At Innsbruck I was getting around 26-27. Settings: FHD, Visual effects: HDR, Texture quality: high, 4x SSAA + FXAA, Number of objects: max, reflections: minimal, draw shadows and parked aircraft both checked, FOV 55, no Vsync.
  7. Hi, I've been able to tweak my settings and get decent frame rate, usually around 26-34 in TE GB South, except around London and Birmingham maybe. That's with not-too-fps-heavy GA aircraft. Even in Innsbruck, with the same settings, weather, aircraft etc. I still get good FPS. However, that's not the case with your Goodwood airfield. Every time I look at or fly toward the main area with the hangars and static planes, my frame rate drops to below 20. This can't be right considering the quality and size of your Innsbruck scenery. What could possibly cause this ? I have recently reinstalled X-Plane and downloaded the most recent version of Goodwood via Orbx Central. I'm on i3 8100, 16 Gb Ram, GTX 1060 6 Gb version and have my X-Plane on an SSD.
  8. I'm thinking of buying another TE region since there's a sale going on, but I'm a little confused by the new SD/HD versions and what I can expect in comparison to the GB South I already have. I finally managed to find the optimal settings and tweak the graphics with a plugin called Advanced Rendering Options. It's not perfect and I still think the colors of some of the fields in some of the areas of GB South are unnatural, but it now looks better than ever before for me. I am generally not too impressed with the sharpness of the textures either (High texture resolution in the options, can't go any higher with my GTX 1060 6 Gb), but it looks pretty good higher up. With that said, what can I expect from the other TE products ? Are the other two TE GB products any better regarding texture sharpness and/or colors ? How do the new American SD/HD sceneries compare to TE GB in terms of texture quality and colors but also FPS ?
  9. Thanks guys! Turns out I didn't know such a thing as Orbx Libraries existed. Back to enjoying the amazing scenery.
  10. Hi Doug. If that's another name for FTX libraries then yes. Both my Orbx TrueEarth and Orbx Goodwood appear there. BTW, the no static traffic issue was my fault. I'm new to X-Plane and hadn't realized I had it turned off in the game settings.
  11. So I'm having issues with this airfield. Every time I start there or nearby I get 2 identical errors: There was a problem loading the scenery package, then one's for Custom Scenery/Orbx_EGHR_A_Goodwood/ and the other one for EGKG heliport. The airfield itself looks quite normal (but then again I don't know what it's supposed to look like) other than no static traffic at all. Any ideas?
  12. I´ve watched the X-Plane 11 TrueEarth England videos a few times and I have to say that when compared to all these lovely screenshots and videos from P3D TrueEarth Netherlands, it doesn´t look that good. Textures are more blurry and the colors just aren´t as realistic as in TrueEarth Netherlands. Any reason for what ?
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