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  1. Hi John, I don't have any other sceneries in the YMML area only Aus V2 and YMML V3 that's it, this is with P3dv4.5 HF3, the pause has been for about 3 - 5sec's in the exact same place it also happened at the exact same place with YMML V1, can anybody else replicate it, curious. Rod.
  2. Just curious to know if there is any one else getting a huge pause in the sim when on take off roll from Rwy 16 at Orbx YMML V3, I've had it for ever with all versions of YMML, during take off from Rwy 16 as I approach Rwy 27 to cross it there is a huge pause, I've used different traffic packages, no difference, the Sim's been reinstalled many times over the years, no difference, everything Orbx has been reinstalled at various times for reasons, no change, does anyone else have this pause?
  3. Thanks for the reply Doug but I'm pretty sure it is as my internet usage has gone up by 35gig as I watch the downloads happen, Central is definitely not using the backup files. I've checked the path to the backup folder which is correct, is there anyway to use the zip files manually to install? Rod.
  4. I have all my downloads in a backup folder created by Orbx Central all dated 2021 but it's not using them for a reinstall instead re-downloading every product again, what is the point of these backup files? Can I manually install using the zip files?
  5. I've gone ahead and uninstalled all my Orbx scenery from my created library via Orbx Central except Global base which is installed in the p3dv4.5 root folder, is there any thing else I need to do before reinstalling all my Orbx products back into the P3dv4.5 root folder? Rod.
  6. Hi, is this a simple thing to do? Can I move all Orbx from a library back into the p3dv4.5 root folder? Rod.
  7. Is the YBCS night lighting supposed to look like this? fake looking, way to bright, I know this has been brought up before but am unable to find a definitive answer
  8. As it say's, a straight to the point answer would be good, I've been simming for about 13yrs now, not as long as some, but I'd been waiting for a YPAD for P3DV4 for years and nothing, I do have Auscene but its only a token gesture and then bang there's a release for MSFS, I know things move on but it's clear I'm being left behind quite quickly as it cost's $$$$$$ to upgrade hardware and repurchase addons etc etc, support for P3DV4 seems to be being left behind at a rapid rate, anyone else feel the same or am I just being a little self centered. Rod.
  9. Is there anyway to disable PBR in YBBN as a trial?
  10. Hi Nick, Well their not that modest at all, being a laptop, MSI GT72 2QD Dominator, 5700HQ, 3.8 GHZ, 32GIG RAM, GTX970M, I can run everything else quite well at once, P3dv4.5 HF3, all Flightbeam, FSDT, all Orbx Global, plus many Orbx scenery, PMDG, QW787, FSLABS, GSX ASP3D, the list goes on & on, all at a consistent 30fps, but YBBN V2 is a stutter festival, it just makes me think there just isn't something right.
  11. Since the release of YBBN V2 for me it's been just about unusable, a complete stutter fest, I had much better experience and performance from V1, just about everything is turned off in the V2 control panel, could there be some files left over from V1 or something? I uninstalled V1 and installed V2 through Orbx Central, V1 is still showing but it's greyed out so I assume that's ok, any advice would be great.
  12. Just wanted to see if anyone else finds YBBN V2 a frames hog? I found V1 to be better than on frames than v2, maybe I need to disable something, any advice would be appreciated. Rod.
  13. Will Adelaide City Landmarks be released for p3dv4.5?
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